Portrait-Coffee ShopSight. One of five senses we utilize in order to experience life, the world around us. Without the capability to visualize our surroundings, blind, we can grow and learn- to not only function, but thrive. Those without sight are not disabled, poorly or weak.

The idea terrifies me, as I’m sure it does many.

Innumerable times, caught off guard by the sheer depth and emotion seen in day to day life, I am left breathless, pulled to action or moved to tears. My reaching for the camera has become an immediate reaction to these moments of random captivation. Through practice, noticing relations that work to create something beautiful in an apparent or grande sense, one begins to stumble upon a more intricate and subtle reality. Be it small or apparently insignificant, moments and perspectives that exist, remaining unnoticed by many, are of no lesser importance, no lesser beauty.

Like most aspects of life-for example, our age- what we are born with or grow to know is plastic. We change, physically, mentally, emotionally etc.. Through time, experiences, interests and coincidence, we develop a sense of our lives and the people we know, along with a sense of who we are. It is that-a sense. Unlike those well known five-sight,smell, hearing, taste and touch- our perceptions are within our power to change. Where and/or what we shine our flashlights of directed conciousness upon is our choice and our gift to learn from and live with.

Choosing to see the intricate, the subtlety titanic occurrences of nature, the incongruous flock of happenings that flicker into the reach of our perceptions, is stunning.

And then the camera was invented.

Tools of our time. Oppritunities to collide and expand as a race, in knowledge and connection was magnified tenfold.

So incredible. So, so beautiful.

Thank you and enjoy,

Mikayla Mazur




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