Preparation for the show!
Lights, check!
Camera, double check!
A lot of it…
As per usual, the majority of my preparations for RAW Grandeur have taken place over a period of ‘last minutes’. Images have been printed, and mounted. Frames have been found, bought, returned, resized, refurbished and polished.
Dates with my man have, lately included a Mr. Chipits and S hook assembly line, couples bike n’ bus across town to the printers and even an ever sexy evening singing a duet chorus of ‘Hey Babe Is This Crooked?’
The amount of work that has goes into the preparation of showing photography is astounding- especially when on a budget. Prints themselves aren’t horribly expensive. Costs climb up as you collect the materials necessary to frame and mount the prints. To have someone do that work for you more than doubles that cost. An extremely generous mother and boyfriend have allowed for me to experience this process first hand.
Though the time and work involved is great, beyond rewarding has been what I have learned-both about the art of photography and of myself. Dedication, perseverance, patience and creativity- all traits I highly value- have been practiced and pronounced. Gratefully, I am reminded of the physical involvement with my art, a factor that often goes amiss within a period of digital editing/ finalizing. Moving my body. Walking across town, buying out every Dollarama of the 8X10’s that don’t exists anywhere else… feels amazing. To push and lift and press the prints, aligning each carefully measured and cut millimetre to the adhesive mount.
Great movements and big decisions, followed by the most intricate and exact position of measurement and time. I have not experienced such a vastly fulfilling process before as this.
And now I’m ready for the night, ready to show and see and feel the art.
RAW Grandeur 2015


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